The Ibizan Hound
The Ibizan HoundA typical Mediterranean hound, with tall ears, as depicted on Egyptian tombs and pottery since time immemorial. Though the breed takes his name from the island of Ibiza, he probably arrived there by way of early trading ships, such as those of the Phoenicians. The breed has been known not only on Ibiza but also on the neighbouring island of Formentera for something like 5,000 years.
A relentless hunter, who can shut his ears to all human entreaty when on the chase, he is not a breed for the town dweller, who is usually unable to provide adequate exercise with a reasonable degree of freedom for him to gallop.
The breed’s ability to jump considerable heights gives him a justified reputation as an escapologist. He is temperamentally aloof with strangers but devoted to his owners.
The smooth coat is easy to keep clean, and even the rough-coated variety sponges down quickly. The breed feels the cold if left outside in a British winter.
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Ibizan Hound Breed Standard
A Breed Standard is the guideline which describes the ideal characteristics, temperament and appearance of a breed and ensures that the breed is fit for function.
Visit the Kennel Club website for the Breed Standard of the Ibizan Hound – Ibizan Hound Breed Standard
Ibizan Hound Clubs in the West Country
There are no Clubs specific to the West Country. The National Club is:
The English Ibizan Hound Club –