Forthcoming Shows and Events
Our Next Show is:

2nd April 2018
Thornbury Leisure Centre.
Alveston Hill, Thornbury, South Gloucestershire BS35 3JB

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Postal Entries close 10th March – On-Line entries close 17th March.

Change to schedule: Rhodesian Ridgebacks are now classes 61 JD/B 62 PGD/B 63 OD/B therefore classes 63 & 64 are now combined and Class 64 is not available for entry.

Best In Show Judge
Miss Clare Boggia
Breed Judge Breed Judge
Afghan Miss Annalise Gray Greyhound Miss Liz Millward
Basenji Mrs Caroline Rees Hamiltonstovare Miss Clare Boggia
Basset Fauve De Bretagne Mrs Caroline Rees Ibizan Hound Miss Clare Boggia
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand) Mrs Caroline Rees Irish Wolfhound Miss Liz Millward
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit) Mrs Caroline Rees Norwegian Elkhound Mrs Caroline Rees
Basset Hound Mrs Caroline Rees Otterhound Miss Clare Boggia
Beagle Mrs Caraoline Rees Pharaoh Hound Miss Clare Boggia
Bloodhound Miss Clare Boggia Portuguese Podengo Miss Liz Millward
Borzoi Mr David Turner Rhodesian Ridgeback Miss R Tredwell
Cirneco Dell’Etna Mrs Caroline Rees Saluki Miss Liz Millward
Dachshund (All Varieties) Mrs Katie Sainsbury Sloughi Miss Clare Bogia
Deerhound Miss Rachel Quinn Whippet Dogs – Mr John Jones
Bitches – Mrs Kathryn Jones
Finnish Spitz Mrs Caroline Rees AV Hound Classes Miss Clare Bogia
Foxhound Miss Liz Millward    

Our Next Show will be on:
5th August 2018
In conjunction with Paignton Championship Show
Best In Show Judge
Mrs Brit Schone Brodwell (Artoc, Norway)
Breed Judge Breed Judge
Afghan Mrs Cindy Wilson (Tahir) Greyhound Mrs Brit Schone Brodwall (Artoc)
Basenji Mr Mike Denny (Janimist) Hamiltonstovare Mrs Brit Schone Brodwall (Artoc)
Basset Fauve De Bretagne Mr Mike Denny (Janimist) Ibizan Hound Mrs Brit Schone Brodwall (Artoc)
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand) Mr Mike Denny (Janimist) Irish Wolfhound Mrs Brit Schone Brodwall (Artoc)
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit) Mr Mike Denny (Janimist) Norwegian Elkhound Mrs Cindy Wilson (Tahir)
Basset Hound Mr Mike Denny (Janimist) Otterhound Mrs Cindy Wilson (Tahir)
Beagle Mrs Theresa Chapman (Gemark) Pharaoh Hound Mrs Brit Schone Brodwall (Artoc)
Bloodhound Mrs Cindy Wilson (Tahir) Portuguese Podengo Mrs Cindy Wilson (Tahir)
Borzoi Mr Andrew Dawson (Stubbylee) Rhodesian Ridgeback Mr Andrew Clark-Maclean (Callmn)
Cirneco Dell’Etna Mrs Brit Schone Brodwall (Artoc) Saluki Mrs Brit Schone Brodwall (Artoc)
Dachshund (All Varieties) Mr Ian Smith (Salixian) Sloughi Mrs Cindy Wilson (Tahir)
Deerhound Mrs Brit Schone Brodwall (Artoc) Whippet Mrs Avril Lancashire (Drishaun)
Finnish Spitz Mrs Cindy Wilson (Tahir) AV Hound Classes Mrs Brit Schone Brodwall (Artoc)
Foxhound Mrs Cindy Wilson Tahir (Artoc)